Hot Areas to Live near Wilmington

Whether you’re an empty nester seeking vitality in a new neighborhood, a millennial starting a new career, or a family in search of the perfect home, these areas have something for everyone, and are the hottest places to live near Wilmington.

Trolley Square

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Old sycamores lean over familiar brick sidewalks, roots gently push against and spill over the worn red blocks.  As you walk to the grocery store, the aroma of flowers from a nearby garden greets you.  A labrador sleepily watches you from behind a large bay window.  Cyclists buzz past toward Brandywine Park and neighbors stop to chat at corners on their way through quiet streets.  This is what Trolley Square feels like everyday.  

The walkability of Trolley Square offers a small-town atmosphere coupled with a lifestyle of convenience and unmatched nightlife. A series of village-style shops make it possible to do all your shopping in one place.  And why not be within walking distance of the finest selection of taverns, gastropubs, fine dining, and food from nearly every culture within a few square blocks?  With nightlife only a few blocks away, you’ll never worry about a designated driver again.

Forty Acres

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The predominantly brick houses are woven together in Forty Acres, creating a special sense of community.  Everything is pleasantly walkable; you’ll be hard-pressed for a reason to start up your car.  An air of peace along its avenues makes a pleasant walk to the corner beauty salon or to De La Coeur for unparalleled French cuisine.  A unique feature of Forty Acres is the feeling one would expect of a European neighborhood - where quiet  restaurants, diners, and boutiques nestle in between houses.  No expansive parking lots, no rumble of impatient traffic.  Just the ambiance of a cheery town going about its day.

And in such close proximity to Trolley Square, you’re never far from the best selection for all your daily essentials and nightlife activities.


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Bordering Rockford Park, the Highlands neighborhood is close enough to Trolley Square and Forty Acres to enjoy all of their perks while delivering a family-centered atmosphere removed from the bustling nightlife.  Free-standing homes, each displaying a garden or lawn,  abound down every tree-lined street.  Kids play with their dogs in front of yards hedged with picket fences.  It’s easy to wonder if Norman Rockwell drew inspiration from a trip to the Highlands.  

You’re out for your nightly jog under tree canopies lit by street lamps.  The neighborhood is quiet and every house glows warmly from within.  Darkened picket fences and “Children at Play” signs zip past.  The air is utterly calm.  Your only company is the fellow runner or an occasional passing car.  The Highlands is the choice community for night runners due to its safe and pleasant evening atmosphere.



Rockford is a neighborhood of sprawling brick homes and creeping ivy, brilliant green lawns, and high, windowed gables.  The wide streets and pristine sidewalks skirt the boundary of Rockford Park, its large canine recreation area and the nature trails beyond. You’ll find a more restrained atmosphere among the ornamental gardens and short stone walls of Rockford’s home fronts.   Amid the beautiful architecture lies a peaceful haven under tall tree canopies, removed from the bustle of Trolley Square, but not too far away to enjoy it regularly.  

All of Rockford benefits from the walkability and convenience of the Highlands and 40 Acres, and comforts you with safe, well-lit avenues by which to reach all the amenities and comforts the surrounding neighborhoods provide.

Mid-Town Brandywine

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Mid-Town Brandywine combines the accessibility of city life with the safety of small town insulation as it borders Trolley Square, Brandywine Park, and Wilmington’s cultural center on Market Street. Sidewalks adhere the quiet village of Mid-Town Brandywine to its shaded streets, lined with protective sycamores over dual-family and rowhouses.  You wave a friendly greeting to your neighbors as you pass.  In Mid-Town Brandywine, the community here feels like a rebirth of an old idea: a tight knit tapestry of eclectic peoples from all walks of life.  This is a place where it’s easy to feel welcomed.  

Ninth Ward


Northwest of Wilmington, the Ninth Ward cuts an impressive image from the base of Van Buren Street, sprawling across wide and welcoming streets.  PS Dupont Middle School is the central anchor to this beautiful community of long time residents and young families. A traditional grid style community provides for ample  parking accessed via alley systems which promotes a pristine street scene, of which its residents are quite proud. A walk through the neighborhood yields an idyllic panorama of children playing in backyards, neighbors conversing on their front porches, under familiar swaying sycamores.

Nestled within the clean sidewalks and manicured lawns is the prized Haynes Park.  Flush with towering trees, walking paths, park benches, and tennis courts, the park is a well  known centerpiece of Ninth Ward, where families and friends are often seen enjoying its peaceful ambiance.   Be sure to say hello to Mr. Sonny, the self-proclaimed Haynes Park guardian, who volunteers his time to help keep the park clean.

On the social scene, Wilmington Brew Works on Miller Road, across from Haynes Park is opening this Spring.  The community has long awaited the redevelopment of this old industrial building into Brew Works’ tastefully renovated Spanish colonial style brewery and taphouse.   Brew Works promises to serve top notch craft beers and drinks in a family friendly environment where parents can unwind and children can play board games and sip kid-friendly non-alcoholic drinks of their own.  The Pepe Family and their team of “Brew Geeks” is sure to inspire a positive atmosphere with their bold commitment to the Ninth Ward.

 A beautiful park, clean, well-lit streets, ample parking, and a high-quality brewery within walking distance?  It’s no wonder the Ninth Ward is the next up and coming hot spot for new home buyers in Wilmington!

A Place For Everyone

If the peace of nature, the convenience of walkable shops, a welcoming community, and a safe night’s walk home are all important to you, any of these areas are your new home.  Your search has ended and now it’s time to choose a home.  As the area bustles with new life, neighborhoods like these are steadily rising in popularity.  The value of homes rises with it, making a perfect investment in your future.  Whether you seek a new family home to raise your children and weather the years, a quiet place to retire and maintain your vibrancy, or a springboard from which to launch your new career, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect home in one these beautiful neighborhoods.   

It should also be mentioned that each of these communities border a breath-taking array of parks and wildlife preserves.

Your perfect neighborhood awaits

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