Stop looking, start finding.

Buying a Home

A solid real estate transaction begins with a good plan and a strong team. PANTANO Real Estate will not only help you make a plan to achieve your objectives; we’ll also provide you with the right team, including a real estate broker to represent you and a team of vendors who will work for you throughout the transaction.

From finding the right place to closing, here’s what to expect (and how we can help you) during the home-buying process.

Finding the Right Place
The best way to begin looking for a home is by using the process of elimination. As you explore properties online and in person, you’ll start ruling out those that won’t work for you and gain a greater understanding of the current marketplace.

Of course, the search may feel stressful, and you may have moments when you feel like you’ll never find a home (even though you will!). As you are looking, some properties that could have worked for you will be sold to other buyers, which may make you feel frustrated. Don’t worry, and be reassured that you are gaining valuable market insight! Use this confidence to make an offer on another home later in your search.

Mortgage Financing
Financing is a critical piece of the home-buying equation, and the mortgage process is a complex. PANTANO Real Estate will work with you to understand your situation and help you find the right lender.

Agreement of Sale
After you make an offer on a property and the seller accepts, you’ll enter into a legal contract known as an Agreement of Sale. This document outlines specific terms and conditions including important contingencies like mortgage, inspections, and title (among others) that are there to protect you.


After you enter into an Agreement of Sale, you’ll hire a home inspector to investigate every nook and cranny of the home (including the property’s structure, roof, basement, water heater, air conditioning, and plumbing, electrical, and heating systems among other elements) to determine if it needs any repairs. PANTANO Real Estate will offer contextual insights into other inspections that may be needed and provide you with those resources for your consideration. The inspection process can be complicated and even stressful, but we will get you through it. 

Title and Closing
Once your offer is accepted, and a closing date is agreed upon, you’ll retain separate legal counsel to ensure that important legal and title matters are satisfactory. Your agent will help you through the closing process and monitor activities until the transaction is complete.

At closing, you and the seller will sign all the paperwork, pay any settlement fees, and your documents will be officially recorded. (You’ll receive a settlement statement outlining costs which may apply to you before closing.) After closing is finalized and recorded, the home will be yours, and we’ll be the first to congratulate you on your new home!