Which Delaware neighborhood has the best dining?

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If you’re looking for a hot spot of high-quality, locally-owned restaurants, fast-dining, pubs, and fine dining, look no further than Trolley Square.  Located northwest of Downtown Wilmington, Trolley Square is a wellspring of destination restaurants that spans a wide variety of culinary styles and venues, and is attracting more and more patrons to its old, comforting brick sidewalks.  The area itself has boomed over the last decade as young professionals, new families, and empty-nesters are all claiming the surrounding areas as their new home.  If you haven’t been here in a while, we suggest you take a stroll through Forty Acres, Rockford Park, and Mid-Town Brandywine.  You’ll soon find out why this area has won over so many hearts.

Diversity of Styles

Whether you’re taking your parents out for a nice meal, catching up with friends for a quick bite, or unwinding after a long week with a cold drink and hot plate, Trolley Square presents a cascade of options with a diversity of styles including:

  1. Fine dining like Piccolina Toscona
  2. Gastropubs at Kid Shelleen’s, Catherine Rooney’s, Kelly’s Logan House
  3. Craft Beer at Trolley Tap House
  4. Specialty foods like Trolley Oyster House, Scrumptious for frozen yogurt, OPA OPA for Greek cuisine, El Diablo for a quick tasty burrito,  pizza and subs and Guadiello’s Subs, Gianni’s Pizza, and Dino’s Cheesesteaks. [picture]
  5. Cafes like Brew Ha Ha! and Pinji.

Diligent and Giving Shop Owners

Learn to love the community the way its local shop owners do.  Their contributions to the aesthetic and comfort of the neighborhoods are palpable and appreciated.  Business owners here feel the sense of community that Trolley’s own residents feel.  These local restaurants show a dedication to the community and its people that is seldom felt elsewhere.

A good-natured walkable community

Trolley is well known for its safe and well-lit neighborhood where everyone knows each other and looks out for one another.  Houses are in greater and greater demand as word of Trolley Square’s inviting oasis of safe walkable nightlife draws greater attention.  Every tree-lined sidewalk in Trolley seems to lead to yet another delicious meal.  

Your night out awaits

As you walk hand in hand with your date down Trolley’s lovingly well-kept streets, you feel a wave of excitement that comes only with the promise of safety.  The air is full of the mouth-watering scents, and down every sidewalk you pass a good-natured smile.  The street lights warmly light your way to your new adventure, and the best night of your life awaits at the end of a brick sidewalk in Trolley Square.  

This neighborhood can be your neighborhood

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